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Jane Stevenson graduated as a pharmacist from Sydney University and holds a post-graduate diploma in Applied Nutrition. She has many years' experience advising on health issues that start off seeming minor but which, if not corrected, can lead to greater health problems in the future.

No matter how well we try to eat, our modern diet can still mean we are missing out on nutrients that are vital to our energy levels and our general well-being.

Jane has written 'Get Well and Stay Well' - an excellent 'how to' book that tells you:
• how your body works and the early signs that your body chemistry is out of balance
• how you could be missing various vitamins or minerals essential to health
• how you can make simple changes to your diet that will get your health back on track
• how to avoid ending up on our modern treadmill of high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, etc.. the list is endless but it's not inevitable!

Read Get Well and Stay Well... it's a goldmine of information for the reader who wants to Get Well and Stay Well - the Natural Way!

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